System development and supplier of complete object storage solutions for general data, as well as industry-specific data (e.g. healthcare)


Algorithms, Big Data, AI, Semantic technologies, CMMI development, Cloud and server computing, Databases, Web management, R&D and project management, Business engineering


Private Data Warehouse based on OpenStack/Ceph

Efficient storage and management of fast-growing volumes of data generated by actual workloads.

Provides scalability up to the exabyte level and is intended for cloud-based applications and analytical data processing systems.

Semantic Cloud Object Storage INDICUM O2X

Ceph Data Warehouse

Management consol

Industry-specific service design

Service desk

  • archiving storage of any sort of data as well as unstructured data
  • private archiving of data (medical, surveillance, media, etc.)
  • personalised security control (cryptography) and reliability of the stored data
  • horizontal scaling when storing data
  • separated hot/cold storage system (separating high/low-demand data)
  • ability to internally transfer very large data
  • storage control toolkit for the client
  • client-side Web and mobile applications

application area

Data management

data analysis

Artificial Intelligence

machine learning

development of big data applications

& more...


  • File synchronisation and concurrent use (documents, photos, videos and files) through mobile or WEB application
  • Security, access control and data protection on devices, transfer channels and cloud infrastructure itself
  • Back-end service integration through specialised API with all major corporate systems and applications. Stored data content manipulation
  • Storage access through mobile or web-based application
  • Different deployment versions allowing the client to select the most convenient setup for the job
  • The architecture of our object storage separates data based on storage method (hot/cold storage)
  • Introduced data encryption as well as access channel encryption
  • Data reliability guaranteed using blockchaining
  • Analytics package available on the storage side as well as higher-level services
  • Task-flow analytics instruments ESP on the entry-side of the storage allowing for template search for big data
  • Possibility of specialising the storage infrastructure for a specific task, as well as other efficiency enhancements allowing further performance increases

What can INDICUM O2X achieve when deployed using Open Stack CEPH

technical features

  • Parsing and automatization upon entry
  • Internal data encryption
  • Data reliability
  • Meta-data processing
  • Access control
  • One-time links for uploading/downloading files
  • Semantic query based on SparQL


  • Quota-controlled object storage for clients’ data
  • Access control for stored data based on user and/or application
  • Cooperation with external user authorization server
  • Quick analysis of incoming data for type-based sorting (documents, video, metadata, etc.)
  • Quick metadata collection for stored data (loading data, tags, etc.)
  • Packet-based data analysis for creation of knowledge-based metadata database on the stored files, using integrated plugins
  • Automatization of incoming data to blocks inside the CEPH object storage
  • Analytical instrument for additional encryption of stored data
  • Automatic database generation on stored data
  • Metadata analytics and reporting
  • Analytical forecasting generation
  • Metadata analytics on stored data as well as statistical client usage data for optimal fragmentation of data
  • Analytical request support and metadata database consolidation using semantic query language SPARQL
  • Data reliability guaranteed using blockchaining technologies


  • Web and mobile applications
  • Personalised cabinet
  • Remote access 24/7
  • Loading, structuring, storage, viewing, unloading of objects of any format in original quality
  • File and folder transfer with no size restriction
  • Data synchronisation
  • File search and exchange with external users
  • Object access control through time-restricted link for temporary users
  • Separation of meta-data from the original object
  • Generation of service and analytical records using semantic query language SPARQL
  • Data reliability and encryption using blockchaining
  • NFC access to stored objects


  • Ability to deploy the object storage solution, as well as transfer of software, allows the client to take full control over the infrastructure and its contents, as well as access and control rights
  • Flexible architecture, setting up the system as per unique client requests
  • Independence of our solutions from commercial software
  • Automated storage-side archiving and cataloguing
  • Increased security level for contractors (using modern authentication methods, like NFC)
  • Low cost of ownership



Platform solution – hardware and software system for the purposes of organizing the personal medicine system, based on the features of collecting, storing and analysing of medical data and implementing various digital services and facilities upon that data, which are aimed on health support, disease prevention and expansion of active ageing.

Medical Cloud platform based on object data warehouse and artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Digitize
  • Storage
  • Semantic recognition
  • Data security
  • Analyzing and systematizing
  • Algorithms for diagnostics and abnormities detection
  • Prediction of possible disease conditions

Healthcare Applied Solution

A medical diagnostic platform based on individual wearable devices with the use of AI algorithms, designed for independent monitoring of basic health indicators in everyday life and natural human behavior.

Algorithms for analyzing recorded data (ECG, heart rate, pels, body temperature, heart rate variability, blood saturation, etc.) allow you to detect diseases in the early (preclinical) stages, as well as track changes in conditions for people with cardiovascular diseases and prevent development pathologies.

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